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Of Grace: English IPA & Pronunciation Rectification (英語國際音標和發音矯正課程)

Learners are trained to identify International Phonetic Alphabet for the English language, master English sounds with subtle differences and self-correct their pronunciation. As a result, learners will be more able and confident in English pronunciation, spelling, speaking and listening. Practical and systematic, this course is highly suitable for motivated learners of intermediate and advanced levels to translate the new knowledge into lifelong language skills. The five-hour course is strategically divided into more than 10 short sessions, to be completed in 2-3 weeks.


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Course, self-paced


Intermediate - advanced

Total duration

5+ hours 

Suggested course duration

2-3 weeks, self-paced

Course access

Unlimited times within 2 years


Quizzes (x 5) of different types and levels

This course is intended to help those who... (any two)

  • Often make mistakes in English pronunciation and thus find their speaking hard to be understood 

  • Have weak spelling

  • Can't understand in listening even words they have learnt 

  • Haven't learnt or have forgotten the IPA

  • Hope to help their young children with pronunciation


  • 常常發音不凖確,以致別人聽不懂你讀的字

  • 拼字不太好

  • 聆聽時聽不到那一些曾經學過、甚至簡單的生字

  • 沒有學過或忘了國際音標

  • 希望教好家中的小朋友

Effective learners will be able to...

Instantly rectify pronunciations


Read IPA & distinguish subtle sounds


Listen better


Spell words more easily


Speak more fluently  


Recognise differences between UK & US accents

 Self-discipline +
strategic scaffolding
= acquire lifelong skills


21st-century learning from the comfort of your home

English learning questions

Why is it helpful to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) given the availability of pronunciations in electronic dictionaries?

Two main reasons: 

 1) We hear common words in our daily life or in electronic dictionaries but we still make mistakes. This is mainly because we are not aware of subtle differences of similar sounds. Listening without phonetic knowledge can be difficult for second language learners to achieve accurate pronunciation. This course helps learners build awareness of subtle differences of similar sounds and acquire systematic phonetic knowledge through learning the IPA. 


2) For advanced learners, with phonetic knowledge they can easily distinguish wrong pronunciations in the environment and ensure self-correction in future learning. 


How can I improve speaking? 如何提升說話技巧?

Effective speaking depends on four major factors: 1) clear pronunciation and fluency  2) Basic grammar  3) Good ideas  4) Clear organisation. Points 2, 3 and 4 are inseparable from your overall English ability. This course focuses on improving the first aspect. 

有效的說話涉及四個因素: 1) 清晰的發音和流暢度  2) 基本的文法  3) 好的意念  4) 有條理的組織。第 2,3,4 點離不開整體的語文能力。此課程專注訓練第一點。

Why does this course also help improve listening skills? 

In listening it's difficult to identify words that we can't pronounce properly.  In addition, this course also teaches learners how to improve speaking fluency , which is helpful for them to listen to to faster speech. 


Meet the instructor

Patricia Waterlily

'Be life. Be love. Be light.' 

'Be life. Be love. Be light.'

Ms (Pat) Waterlily
🎷 近十年來醉心於教育事業,專注英文教學、課程設計、靈性教育以及領袖訓練,使命是提升同學的思維和個人成長。
🌸 畢業於港大英文系和藝術學系,並取得英文教育文憑、教育碩士,為註冊教師。
🎪 曾任中學全職教師,和不同學校緊密合作,熟悉教育制度。
💎 學生來自本地和國際學校高中、初入行教師。
⭐️ 近年擔任老師訓練工作
Spiritual, conscientious and compassionate, Patricia is devoted to advancing personal development through her education.

As a certified English teacher, Patricia has earned solid experience in teaching English to learners from both international and local schools, up to the level of university postgraduates.

In addition, Patricia has been vigorously helping with learners’ holistic personal transformation through leadership development, mentoring and spiritual education. Her students/mentees/trainees include secondary school students, post-graduates and novice educators.

Focused areas
Personal development (leadership, spirituality), English teaching, educational reform, curriculum design.

  • BA (English Studies, Fine Arts)
  • PGDE (Secondary English)
  • HK-Registered Teacher
  • MEd
  • The University of Hong Kong, The University of Queensland

Email: patriciawaterlily@oceanicgrowth.com

Our students' words 

I love learning the IPA in this course. It has improved my speaking skills and helped me understand the charm of English. The teacher was very enthusiastic and helped me a lot to improve my English. I would recommend this course to others because this course is very practical. 
Peter Pan, Seoncdary 5
My pronunciation is getting better than before. The teacher has given us some tests to improve our learning. The course is perfectly done for me. I would like to recommend this course to others because it is indeed helpful for your English learning and pronunciation.
Jason Leung, Secondary 5
This course has helped me correct my English pronunciation and improved my speaking fluency at the same time. It has also increased my interest in English and built up my self-confidence. I would recommend this course to friends who are troubled by pronunciation.
Ying Ying, Secondary 6
In this course, I learnt how to pronounce words correctly. Also, I learnt how to read aloud sentences more smoothly which will be useful for my daily speaking. Learning the correct pronunciation can help me communicate with others more smoothly. The notes are very detailed and have many examples.  
Ken Ho, Seconcdary 6
This course has helped me be aware of how words are really pronounced. I can get rid of my bad pronunciation habits. This course has raised my interest in English learning because I can adopt foreign sounds more quickly and easily. 
Natalie, Secondary 5
I think this course is helpful for my English learning because learning phonetic symbols helps me speak English. I will recommend this course to others 
Rachel Leung, Secondary 5
I find English IPA useful to me. Also, The course raised my interest in future English learning. This course is helpful for my personal development through improving my communication skills. 
LExie yip, Secondary 6
This course has helped me how to pronounce words correctly. This course is helpful for my English learning through oral practice. I can understand how foreigners speak, which helps me with speaking and listening. After a long period of hard work, I’m pretty sure that the course has raised my interest in future English learning. I like it very much.
Joanna, Secondary 6
 This course has helped me learn the English IPA and pronunciation. It helps me communicate more fluently with foreigners. Foreigners can listen to me more easy. 
Connie, Secondary 6

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"Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice." - Jeff Bezos

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Write no less than 200 words and email your 'scholarship application' at team@oceanicgrowth.com

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60-day refund protection 

60 天退款保障

Frequently asked questions

Does the teacher speak in English in the lessons?

Yes, the course is conducted in English simply because listening is a vital part of language learning. Our students improve their listening skills dramatically in English-speaking lessons. Patricia speaks in a moderate speed and occasionally adds Chinese to clarify meaning. 

是的。用英文授課大大增加了同學聽英語的機會,加速學習成效。Patricia 用適當的語速,間中添補一些中文加以解釋,確保同學能掌握要點。

The course is suitable for both intermediate and advanced learners. Then how can the teacher cater for different learning needs?

Using her solid professional experience and creativity , Patricia offers different levels and types of assessments for advanced and intermediate learners respectively. 

Patricia 利用豐富的教學經驗和創意,特地設計了不同程度和形式的評估練習,配合中、高階不同學員的需要。

Can I ask the teacher questions about my English learning both related and not related to the course? 

 Yes. We have provided a community on this website. You may ask questions about your English learning and personal development. Click on 'Community' on the top bar after login. 

可以,我們提供了一個網站社群,讓所有學員能夠隨時留言發問。學員可問關於英文學習及個人成長或發展的問題。社群 (Community) 在此網站登入後的最上方點擊進入。

Can I download lesson notes and videos?

 Our lesson notes are available for downloading. The lesson videos are available for viewing for unlimited times on our website within 2 years of purchase. 


May I get a refund if I find that the course is not helpful for me?

Yes. We aim to provide quality education to safeguard learners' interest. However, if you think the course is not helpful, you may request for a refund within 60 days of purchase. Simply email us at team@oceanicgrowth.com.
可以的。我們致力提供優質的教育,保障學員的利益。如果你覺得課程對你沒有幫助,你可以在購買課程起60日之內要求退款,你只需寄電郵去 team@oceanicgrowth.com 便可 。
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